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Thank you to our partners!

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HEAR Wisconsin, Executive Producer & Fiscal Sponsor

Rick Kania & Beth Zupec-Kania, Executive Producers

Ciaran Doyle, Executive Producer

David & Barbara Steinbock, Producers

Tania Goulart, Producer

Mika Kania & Sean Harmon, Associate Producer

Julie Holma, Associate Producer

Linda Even & Scott Kania, Co Producers

Rose Kania, Co Producer

Jeffrey Mastin, Co Producer

Special Thanks to


SPG Therapy

Gallaudet University

Special Thanks to Mary & Neal Zupec, Neal & Christine Kania

Thanks to Greg & Judy Rypel, Steve Hong, Chris Zupec, Amy Horton, William Stauber, Vicki Brzeski, Joan Zupec and Mark Zupec


Ky Dickens


Award winning filmmaker Ky Dickens is best known for her acclaimed documentaries that shift public policy and culture. She’s been at the intersection of complex social issues, receiving the Focus Award for Achievement in Directing and the Change Maker Award for influencing social change through art and film. View work.


Chelsea Kania


Chelsea’s father, Rick, and her uncle Allan were born with severe hearing loss and eventually became deaf. In the Jungle is inspired by them. Many barriers exist in human communication and empathy. With this story, Chelsea hopes to share a glimpse into their worlds, and in doing so to humanize their experiences as universal ones.

Film Student

Amy McIntyre &
Sydney Thomson


Amy McIntyre is the founder of Beeline Reps, and a producer of Zero Weeks, Sole Survivor, and The City That Sold America. Sydney Thomson is the principal of Big Syd Productions, 

Cast, Crew & Production Partners


Malcolm Engel / Eric

Vivvi Jane / Lizzie

Elias Totleben / Brad

Madison Kauffman / Teacher 

Valerie Butler-Newbern / Principal

Luke Goodwin / Bully

Christian Wilder / Bully

Alexandria Rose Bell / Lizzie's Friend

Tessa Mae Pundsack / Lizzie's Friend

Jeff Townsend / Janitor

Richelle Hudson / Lunch Lady


Michael Ognisanti / DP
Kenny Seibert
Becky Werve 
Morgan Jon Fox 
Cj Arellano

Tristan Bollig

Production Partners

Bonnie Eldred

Mary Fruits

Marcy Jo

Scott Kendziorski

Leah Kendziorski

Ron Byington

Jennifer Bradley

Keith Burisek

Gina Radke

Maryann Barnett

Heidi Hollenberger

Matt Palma

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